Andro-Mobile DJ Booth


Andromeda Mobile DJ Booth

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Please contact  for the actual prices.

Size of the Andro-mobile DJ Booth:

W x D x H : 135cm. x 55cm. x 95-105 cm ( adjustable)

Packaging and shipping:

Depending on your location. Please contact for more information.



Setting up the Andromeda mobile DJ Booth  it up is easy
and takes you less than 10 minutes of your time. The Andromeda mobile DJ Booth includes 2 stands to place your external controller or laptop. These stands are easy to attach ( just slide them in) and easy to detach. All wiring from the controller or laptop slides through the stand into the Andromeda mobile DJ booth. This way all cables are out of sight.The  booth is build in different parts that all fitt in 1 bag.  Easy to carry( on wheels) to you local venue.

All parts can be easily attached and detached. The Andromeda mobile DJ Booth has led lightning in the front and electrical socket build in. Also all the sound connections( including wiring and plugs to your mixer) are part of this Andromeda mobile DJ booth.


This mobile DJ booth is for sale or for rent ( only Netherlands/Belgium/ Germany).




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