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Starting at € 775,- ( incl vat) for a side gloss white model ( ral 9010).
Starting at € 825,- ( incl vat) for a side gloss custom colour.
Extra’s :     have a look at :  accessoires

Dimensions of the Darina DJ Booth:

W x D x H : 155cm. x 55cm. x 100 cm.
(Sizes can be customized to your personal wish and situation)

Packaging and shipping:
Depending on your location. Please contact for more information.

The Darina DJ Booth is a square DJ Booth that will fitt your personal set up. If you use recordplayers and a mixer, or cd players and a mixer, or a laptop in combination with a controller; this DJ Booth will be build to fitt your set-up. No matter what models or brands you prefer, just contact us with your request and we will do our best to help you out.

Standard we build the booth ( made and delivered in one piece..) with a universal cable whole that will lead all your cables into the DJ Booth. If requested we can build RCA and/or XLR connections in the model. Another option is to have all electrical sockets build in. We do this following the local standards if possible. Please contact us if you want to know if we can build it to your local standard. ( Euro, UK, Belgium, France, et.)

You might want to consider to add more options to the DJ Booth. Led lights, wheels, laptopstand, monitorstands, etc, ect, For an overview visit the accessoires section on this website.

This DJ Booth can be produced in a variety of colours.  We use the RAL colour system.If you like to choose a colour from a different colour system, please  contact us. We will check if we can match the exact colour of your choice to use on your DJ Booth.



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