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Please contact  for the actual prices.

Dimensions of the Homelander DJ Booth:

W x D x H : 167 cm. x 55cm. x 103 cm.

Packaging and shipping:

Depending on your location. Please contact for more information.



This ergonomical designed DJ Booth is an outstanding music-presentation in your hotel, restaurant, club or home. If you want to satisfy your customers or guests, this is the piece of furniture you want.  Back to DJ Booths

The Homelander DJ Booth includes three led lights in the front and two remotely controlled colour changing led lights in the middle. All cabling, power-and soundconnections are fully integrated in this booth. Connecting it to an external soundsystem takes you only a minute.

The High-end Homelander DJ Booth is a DJ Booth that can be customized to your personal wishes. It is possible to integrate cd players and a mixer from different brands in this model.

For the modern laptop DJ we can customize this DJ Booth to the DJ controller of your choice and add a matching laptop-stand.

Even when you use this booth for a longer time there is no problem with possible overheating of your equipment. Standard we build in an electric ventilationsystem. This will remove the heated air from within’ the DJ Booth.

With wheels for easy placement this piece of furniture is a professional supplement to every modern interior.


Standard in the booth:

Customized to your personal wishes. ( where possible in this model)
3 Led lights in the front ( switchable on/of)
4 switched  220 volt connections.
2 x xlr connection with cabeling and plugs to mixer ( 1 stereo set)
4 x rca connection with cabeling and plugs to mixer ( 2 stereo sets)
220 volt euro connection with matching cable.
Wheels ( 2 with brake) for easy placement
2 RGB power lights,  remotely controlled and colour changing if wanted.


You can add some accessoires on this DJ Booth, like  monitorstands or a laptopstand . For an overview visit the accessoires section on this website or contact us for more information.


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