Radeck 800 DJ Booth


Radeck 800 DJ Booth

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Starting at € 775,- ( incl vat) for a side gloss white model ( ral 9010).
Starting at € 825,- ( incl vat) for a side gloss custom colour.

Dimensions of the Radeck 800 DJ Booth:

W x D x H : 141cm. x 51cm. x 100 cm.
Note that sizes can be customized to your personal wish and situation!

Packaging and shipping:

Depending on your location. Please contact for more information.

The Radeck 800 DJ Booth  can be used as a standard DJ Booth wich can be used for diffrent set-ups. The booth contains 3 compartments to place your equipment like amplifier, HD recorder and other (older) systems like tapedecks and equalizer. 10 compartments for 12 inch records can hold together over 800 records. The records are hold in place by a little strip in the booth. All cables are out of sight in this DJ Booth and are led through intern cable wholes.
This booth is perfect for a universal set-up but can be customized to your equipment like record players or cd players.

You have the choice to add some accessoires on this DJ Booth, like led lights, wheels, laptopstand, monitorstands, etc, ect,  Equipment can be build in ” flat” and the booth can be upgraded with doors and lid. Have a look at the gallery to see some examples. Power and sound-cabeling as well as power connections can be , invisible, integrated into the DJ Booth. We can do this for different local standards. please contact us for the possibilities.
Adding an  airventilationsystem can protect your equipment ( when build in flat)  from overheating when you use the DJ booth  for a longer time .

For an overview of the possibilties visit the accessoires section on this website, or contact us.

This DJ Booth can be produced in different colours.  Check here for the possibilities and to choose a colour of your choice.  We use the international RAL colour system, but if you want to choose a colour from a different colour system, please contact us. We will try to order the exact colour of your choice to use on your DJ Booth.


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