Vladimir 330 vinyl record storage


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Starting at € 175,- ( incl vat) for a side gloss white model ( ral 9010).
Starting at € 200,- ( incl vat) for a side gloss custom colour.
Wheels:     € 15,-  ( incl vat) each.

Sizes of the the Vladimir 330 vinyl record storage:

W x D x H : 37 cm. x 33,3 cm. x 106 cm.

Note that we can build a customized vinyl record storage for your with different sizes.
Please contact  for more information.

Packaging and shipping:

Depending on your location. Please contact  for more information.



Vladimir 330 Vinyl Record Storage.

Vinyl records never went away and since a few year there is a growing interest in collecting vinyl records. If you are one of those record collectors or planning to become one you do need to think about a good solid option for your vinyl record storage. Acraft DJ furniture makes these vinyl record storage shelves since 2003. First for ourselves and friends, later for others.

The Vladimir330 vinyl record storage can hold 300-330  records. This shelve is a pefect solution for home studios, DJ’s, or any music-collector who needs a convenient way to organize their record collection.

This vinyl record storage has 3 compartments, each sizing 33 x 33 x 33 cm. It can holds records including the plastic sleeve.

The Vladimir 330 Vinyl record storage comes in a white sidegloss finish but you can also choose for another colour. Check here for the possibilities and to choose the colour of your choice.  We use the international RAL colour system, but if you want to choose a colour from a different colour system, do not hesitate to contact us. We will try to order the exact colour of your choice to use on your Vladimir 1000 vinyl record storage. We can add 4 double layered wheels to the model wich together can hold up the total weight. The 2 wheels in the front are always wheels with a brake.


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