You see an overview here of the accesoires you can add to a piece of  furniture.  Some items like the laptop stands and the monitor stands are -besides an addition to a dj booth- also available as single items to order. Some DJ Booths  ( like the Homalander and Andromeda booth) on this website include standard a serie of accessoires. Those are listed by the DJ Booth descriptions.

Other DJ Booths ( like Radeck and Darina) have a standard starting price. From there you can add the accessoires you like and want. If you are not sure and need help, please contact us. Describe  what you want ( maybe copy a picture from this website or mail the picture title). We will help you out with making the right choice for you.


Here’s a list of accesoires and prices. Note that some accessoires ( like extra wide laptop/controller stands) are not listed here. Their price depends on the customized model. Please contact us for this.

A brief explanation about the stands for laptop en monitor speakers. When using these stands all cables are out of sight. They are led through the hollow stand directly  into the DJ Booth. The platvorms have a little ‘cut out’  so that the laptop or speakers never leans on the cables.

Build in Led lights, switched (3 lights) €125,-
Colour power Led light (2 pieces, including remote control) €160,-
RVS cdj/ laptop stand  (for 1 cd players/ 1 laptop) €145,-
RVS cdj/ laptop stand  (for 1 cd player/ 1 laptop) €145,-
RVS Monitor stand  (for 1 monitor) €145,-
Easy removable RVS cdj/ laptop stand  (for 1 cd players/ 1 laptop) €195,-
Easy removable Monitor stand  (for 1 monitor) €195,-
4 Wheels (2 with brake) (Vladimir330, DJ Friend 325) € 60,-
6 Wheels (2 with brake) (Darina, DJ Friend 650, Radeck 550, Radeck 800, Vladimir1000) € 90,-
8 Wheels (4 with brake) (Radeck 1200) €120,-
XLR connections, incl. cabeling and plugs to mixer (set of 2) € 45,-
Cinch(rca) connections, incl. cabeling and plugs to mixer (set of 2) € 45,-
4 x 220 Volt connections, masterswitch and connecting cable € 95,-
Electric airventilation € 65,-
Record players/cd players/ mixer build in for Radeck 550/800/1200( per 1 build in item) € 45,-
All prices INCLUDE the 21% Dutch sales tax (vat).