In 2004, I began my journey as a DJ in search of suitable furniture to store my records and equipment in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Frustrated by the lack of options available, I took matters into my own hands and started constructing furniture tailored to my needs. Word quickly spread among fellow DJs and music collectors, leading to requests for custom furniture production. What began as a personal hobby swiftly evolved into a flourishing business.
Initially operating from an anti-squat location as a workshop, I gradually expanded my operations to various locations in Amsterdam. In 2011, I made the decision to relocate to Arnhem. The reputation as a reliable furniture supplier soon transcended national borders, and we began catering to international clientele.
Throughout the years, I have established a network of workshops, warehouses, showrooms, and cultivated valuable connections with acquaintances and friends in the industry. Among the familiar faces you will frequently encounter is mine, Arnaud.