Radeck 800

The Radeck 800 DJ Booth has space for your equipment and approximately 800 vinyl records. The seperate compartments are not too wide, so that the records remain neatly straight and cannot bend.

You can opt for a ‘universal’ work surface, but also for’ building’flush fitting’ the recordplayers/ cd players/ mixer/ etc. in on top. Stands for monitorspeakers and/or laptop/ controllers/etc. can be added, just like wheels and power- and sound connections with complete cabling and connectors to the equipment
Prices MatSatin
In white (ral 9010)895895
In black (ral 9005)895895
In a (ral) colour of your choice995995
6 double layered wheels ( 3 with brake)95
Flush fitting equipment ( per piece)50
1 stand. ( / laptop/ controller, etc) 165
1 monitor speaker stand165
220 volt connections (7). Incl connecting cable. ( euro or powercon)135
2 XLR connections with cabeling and connectors to equipment50
2 RCA connections with cabeling and connectors to equipment50